NISCO International to Search for Opportunities in Crisis and Hold Tight Global Market

Time: 2020-06-19   Author: 匿名   Times of Browsing: 154486

Pointed out by 2020 National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has exerted a huge impact on the operation and development of international and domestic trade business. But the fundamentals of steady and long-term economic and social development have not changed, the external environment and comprehensive advantages of enterprise development have not changed, and the key position in economic and social development have not changed. Of course, whether the opportunities can be found from crisis highly depends on the effective response strategies taken by the enterprises. 

“Unswervingly expand opening up, stabilize industrial chain and supply chain, and promote reform and development through opening up”. During the board meeting of NISCO International Trade Co., Ltd. (NISCO International) hold on May 25, the spirit of two sessions (NPC&CPPCC) was studied first and then the countermeasures of promoting international trade and stabilize global fundamentals under the COVID-19 outbreak were then discussed. NISCO President Mr. Zhu Ruirong, Vice President Mr. Lin Guoqiang, Vice President Mr. Chen Chunlin, Deputy CPC Secretary Ms. Wang Fang and operation members of NISCO International participated in the meeting, which was presided over by Mr. Huang Yixin, CPC Secretary and Board Chairman of NISCO.

At the meeting, NISCO International made its annual working report and financial report, Singapore Jinteng International Co., Ltd. and Hongkong Jinteng International Co., Ltd. also made the annual working reports from remote respectively. The operation team of NISCO International made a supplementary report later. In the year of 2019 and from January to April of 2020, NISCO International focused on deepening the main business, expanding self-operated business and stabilizing the supply chain of bulk raw fuel. Good achievements were reached in its backbone operations including steel product export, self-operated trade, spare parts traceability, imported projects and foreign affairs. In face of many uncertain factors such as global epidemic outbreak, project suspension, upgrading of international trade protection, large fluctuation of exchange rate and bulk commodities, NISCO International will continue to reform and innovate through measures like multi-dimensional empowerment and organizational re-evolution, in order to realize significant improvement of operation level and organizational effectiveness, and to continuously strengthen the quick response ability to international market and customers, so as to stabilize the smooth operation of global industrial chain and supply chain, also contribute to the continuous evolution of NISCO from internationalization to globalization.

Vice President Mr. Lin Guoqiang, Vice President Mr. Chen Chunlin, Deputy CPC Secretary Ms. Wang Fang and President Assistant & General Manger of Iron-making Business Unit Mr. Wan Hua also proposed requirements respectively, including “The global supply chain of international raw and fuel materials procurement to provide solid safeguard for intelligent manufacturing system with high efficiency and low cost”, “Improve the cost performance of procurement and re-optimize the service”, “Accurately utilize the policies of free trade zone”, “Further implement team building, organization evolution and performance assessment improvement”, ”Adhere to the trade goal”, “Continue to adjust user structure”, “Promote digital level of external trade”, “Expand properly the self-operated business”, “Strengthen risk control against anti-globalization”.

Mr. Zhu Ruirong made the remarks that the greatest change of NISCO International is the ideological emancipation and adjustment of operational ideas. To be specific, focus on “Two Targets”: keep growth at relatively high speed and advance to medium and high end, uphold the "Two Combination" of stable expectations and structural adjustment, and create “Two Engine” of model innovation and service innovation. The procurement platform should further reduce the cost by benchmarking, explore deeply the market and suppliers. The export platform should absorb good experiences from HUAWEI to build a wolf team, further expand the effect of 1+6 team mode. Consistent Concerns and care shall be paid to overseas employees while emphasizing the “striver-oriented” philosophy.

Mr. Huang Yixin pointed out that NISCO internationalization activities in 2019 deserve high appraisement, leap-over progress was made especially since the beginning of year 2020, which have become an important pillar and highlight of enterprise operation.

Firstly, significantly improved the organizational team style and mechanism.

Secondly, achieved great breakthrough in marketing and continuous innovation in working ideas.

Thirdly, played a key role in cost reduction and benefit increase, highly collaborated and effectively promoted procurement.

Fourthly, continue with internal management evolution, fast and agile service should evolve to version 2.0 and 3.0 and to realize intelligent trading strategy.

Mr. Huang Yixin stressed that the formation of international influence needs strategic position and advancing strategy, together with long-term contribution. To build a world-class leading enterprise, it is needed to continuously improve the "six levels" of innovation, operation, industrial chain, fission, organization and globalization, and to cultivate the "six leads" of value proposition and optimal management practice, production management capability, globalization capability, brand influence and brand value, technology and innovation capability, operation efficiency and industry position.

Faced with the major changes in the international market, Mr. Huang restated to search for "opportunities" from "crisis" and turn "crisis" into" opportunities".

First to flexibly respond to and seize the opportunity, and do a better job in raw material procurement.

Second to expand the international influence of brand products by taking advantage of the implementation of C2M factory.

Third to expand user authentication and to occupy the high-end market.

Forth to deepen the layout of “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Fifth to do a good job in the research and application of financing policies and others, while strengthen the risk control.

Sixth to introduce and promote talents and team building.